Romancing the Stone: Combining Dinosaurs, Presidents and Love

National Resurrect Romance Week Part 1What better way to kick-start this Blog than on a charming note: by celebrating “National Resurrect Romance Week.” Love is in the air this week. So listen up romanticists (from beginners to professionals) because it won’t be another 6 months before cupid officially reports for duty on Valentine’s Day next year. Hop on the love train this week, follow our Blog posts, get inspired and surprise your loved ones with unique gestures.

For starters, why not take your sweetheart on a trip to Chicago and visit the Field Museum? Or how about a brief venture to South Dakota, where you can marvel at the carved heads of exalted Presidents at the famed Mt. Rushmore, the world’s greatest mountain carving. You can round up the day with a lovely picnic in a nearby park in the Black Hills.

On-site (or off), impress your partner with these fun facts:

Did you know that the largest-ever skeleton of Tyrannosaurus rex was first discovered on August 12th, 1990? The dinosaur’s ancient bones (over 65 million years old) were discovered by fossil hunter Susan Hendrickson near Faith, South Dakota. After a lengthy legal battle, the famous Tyrannosaurus rex, nicknamed “Sue,” was moved and has been on display at The Field Museum in Chicago (which reportedly paid $8.3 million) since the year 2000. Even though the specimen has been dubbed “Sue,” the actual gender remains unknown.

Too scientific for your taste? Not to worry, tomorrow we’ll have a look at the lovey dubby approach … stay tuned!

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