From Oysters to Matchmaking Festivals in Ireland – Coincidence? I Think Not.

IrelandIt appears as though Ireland is the place to be this month, so we’re not departing from this lovely country just yet. Not only are the Irish lads celebrating the recommencement of the oyster season, but September also marks the beginning of the annual, month-long celebration of matchmaking. And I cannot help but wonder: is this purely a coincidence, or is there more to draw from this concurrency of events? Because, let us not forget that oysters are said to be agents of aphrodisiac. I won’t delve into this discussion and I’ll leave it entirely up to the scientists to decide on the accuracy of this assumption that oysters arouse sexual desire.

True or false, whatever the case may be, if you happen to stop by at one of the oyster festivals in Ireland this month, it is worth the extra mile (82 miles to be exact, if you’re coming from the Hillsborough International Oyster Festival) to make an additional stop in the small town of Lisdoonvarna in Clare, Ireland, located just off the Western shore.

Because come September, this otherwise sleepy spa town of circa 800 residents awakens to the smell of roses and love is in the air henceforth until the end of the month. Word of mouth has turned this into an international event. Attracting over 40,000 hopeful (single) romantics in search of their perfect match, it is Europe’s largest matchmaking festival. The festival, Ireland’s oldest, originated over 150 years ago, when local farmers flocked to Lisdoonvarna in September/October (shortly after harvest season) with the hope of sparking romance.

Whether you’re still on the lookout for your perfect match or not, Lisdoonvarna is an Irish site not to miss. Browse through cozy bars or relax at one of the many acclaimed spas and sulfur baths.

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