Sweden Does the Beerfest with Class (and Whiskey)

Stockholm Beer and Whiskey Festival 2009It’s Beer Festival time and Germany is getting all the (much deserved) attention for its big fish, the Oktoberfest. The madness that revolves around the Oktoberfest is lurking just around the corner and the “liquid gold” will start pouring by the ‘mass‘-es this upcoming  Saturday (Sept 19, stay tuned for blog post). Germany may be host to the world’s largest beer festival, but Sweden sure knows how to take it up a notch by adding cider and whiskey to the booze mix at its annual Beer and Whiskey Festival in Stockholm. You have to hand it to the Swedes (not only for their talent in designing stylish,cheap, assemble-yourself furniture and their unique end-of-the-summer festivals centered around the consumption of crayfish) but apparently they’ve also been equipped with the genes that allow for heavy alcohol consumption (from soft to hard liquor, mind you!)
Held over two weekends (Sept 17- 19 and Sept 24 – 26) this event showcases some 500 national and international beers, ciders and whiskies. Notice how this event is described as a “showcase.” Not only is Sweden qualifying itself for a spot in the category of famous Beer Festivals, but they also do it with class, namely in the form of an exhibition. While the Germans will be swaying, half-lying (or sitting for those who can still  manage) on benches in tents, the Swedish population is getting a taste of over 1400 beer, whiskey and calvados exhibitors’ samples.

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Stockholm Beer and Whiskey Festival (Stockholm, Sweden)
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Sept 24-26

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Oktoberfest (Munich, Germany)
Sept 22 – Oct 4

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1 Response to “Sweden Does the Beerfest with Class (and Whiskey)”

  1. 1 kakadoo September 16, 2009 at 6:28 pm

    Very interesting article! It’s really about time that I’m finally gonna go to Sweden…

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