Boo at the Zoo: Putting the Fun into Halloween Horror

Top Zoos with Boo(s)! One of my favorite time of the year is in and around the month of October. The beautiful Fall season is in full gear, the leaves are beautiful colors of red, orange and yellow and the temperatures have dropped to a cozy low level. For a full 30 days straight we’re holding our breath for the breathtaking, spooktacular event that lurks at the end of the month — the infamous fright fest, a.k.a. Halloween. Because our patience runs low and one day of Halloween does not quench our thirst for thrills and scares that make our heart stop, people can get their fair share of Halloween activities throughout the entire month. There’s the traditional pumpkin patch farms that offer hayrides and mazes for you to get lost in. Then there’s the pricier option of venturing to local theme parks that offer all the spookiness and thrill rides your heart may desire.

For the more gentle Halloweeners and for the purpose of this blog post, I’d like to highlight the zoo as one of the many hosts out there offering Halloween activities that are more fun oriented, as opposed to your generic jumping out of your skin fright fests. The bat cages, snakes and spiders and other creepy critters (that are not made of plastic) serve as a perfect setting for creating a Halloween atmosphere and the zoos are using this to attract Halloween enthusiasts. Why not stroll through your nearest zoo that more likely than not will have a Halloween oriented festival going on at this time. These zoos offer haunted trick or treat-ing trails, scary rides and plenty of interactive activities that put the fun back into the Halloween horror. Knowledge That Travels dug up the details and here’s where you can find all the Boo! at the Zoo (and don’t forget your costumes):

Phoenix, AZ (October 24 & 25)
The Phoenix Zoo: Bashas BOO! At the Zoo

Tampa, FL (October 22-31)
Lowry Park Zoo: ZooBoo

Little Rock, AR (October 22-25, October 29-31)
Little Rock Zoo: Boo at the Zoo

San Diego, CA (October 24)
San Diego Zoo: Spooky Sleepover

Chicago, IL (October 24-25)
Brookfield Zoo: Boo at the Zoo

Washington, D.C. (October 23-25)
National Zoo: Boo at the Zoo

Houston, TX (October 24, 25 & 31)
Houston Zoo: Zoo Boo

Detroit, MI (October 23-25, 29-31)
Detroit Zoo: Zoo Boo

Sacramento, CA (October 30-31)
Sacramento Zoo: Boo at the Zoo

Boston, MA (October 24-25)
Franklin Park Zoo: Zoo Howl

Keep your eyes and ears open for your local Halloween at the Zoo events …

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