Top Destinations to Visit for St. Patrick’s Day 2010

St. Patrick’s Day is an annual feast day, which celebrates Saint Patrick – the most commonly recognized of the patron saints of Ireland, and is generally celebrated on 17th of March. Every city, country and region in the world has their own way of celebrating St. Patty’s. Bring out the green gear, wear your 4-leaf clover pin and take a trip around the world. Discover the festivals, foods and what lies ahead!

New York

Only second to Dublin in terms of St. Patty’s Day, New York offers a few more options in terms of budget travel. The annual parade down Fifth Avenue to honor the patron saint of Ireland is a New York tradition that dates as far back as 1766. The festivities kick off at 44th Street and Fifth Avenue at 11:00 am on March 17th, with bagpipers, high school bands, and the ever-present politicians making their way up Fifth Avenue to 86th Street, where the parade will probably finish around 4:30 or 5:00 pm. The St. Patrick’s Day Parade is usually televised and aired on NBC. New Yorkers have their own unique way of celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day, The Wearing of the Green. Green clothes, green flowers, and green hats are standard, but you’ll also find unique green beers, green bagels, green water fountains, and even a green Empire State Building. St. Patrick’s Cathedral is also a beautiful and historic place to visit during the festivities. Where to go for delicious Irish cuisine and pints upon pints? Molly’s is the place to go. Open for lunch and dinner, this is a great place to grab a bite, especially if you’ve got the craving for bangers (sausage) and mash, lamb stew or corned beef and cabbage. Molly’s also has countless of delicious beers on tap, including Guinness Stout, Murphy’s Stout and Irish Amber, and plenty of other beers to fulfill your desires.


One of the first and best cities to visit for St. Patrick’s Day is Boston. There is much Irish history in Boston. It is also likely to be one of the more spirited party cities on March 17th. In addition to the usual green beer and other alcohol-related elements that are entailed on this day, Boston also offers things like an Irish heritage walk through the city’s traditional Irish neighborhoods. The parade starts on Broadway (by the T station), continues throughout the streets of South Boston. South Boston is well known for being a working class Irish- American neighborhood. The parade finally ends in Andrews Square. Even if you’re not Irish, it is still something that you can enjoy.


The typical scenery of St. Patrick’s Day is a sea of green. People wearing green, drinking green beer but what about a green river? If you visit Chicago, you’ll find that the whole river has turned green. It’s one of the city’s St. Patrick’s Day traditions, and although it dates back to a plumbing mishap originally, it’s become a cherished part of Chicago’s St. Patty’s Day party ever since. St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago also features activities such as an Irish soda bread contest, a best-dressed “Irish” dog contest, and a children’s parade around the art center’s grounds. A live production by the Beverly Arts Centers’ own children’s theater group is also featured on this festive day. In addition, this event will feature food, drink, numerous Irish vendors, and live entertainment from bagpipers, Irish dancers, and a host of Irish musicians.


Philadelphia is home to the 2nd oldest St. Patrick’s Day parade in the country. With a dizzying array of Irish Bars, Irish people, and those who get down with the green on March 17, the party here is one of the country’s best. When in Philly, visit Irish Pub. More of a Philadelphia institution than true Irish pub – enjoy a sweeping bar, convivial scene and Beamish on tap located on 2007 Walnut St.


Looking for a change of pace? Head over to London for St. Patrick’s Day! Over 100,000 people attended last years St. Patrick’s Day festivities. The parade consists of a colorful display of floats, marching bands and groups representing the Irish Counties – will proceed through central London from Green Park to Trafalgar Square from midday. Trafalgar Square hosts the festival program of live Irish music and dance on the main performance stage, showcasing the best of Irish music and dance from traditional to contemporary.


If you could be anywhere for St. Patrick’s Day and money was no object – your heart would be set on no other than Dublin. Dublin is notoriously expensive even when it’s not St. Patrick’s Day but 1800Hotels can help out with great deals on accommodations. The festival features highly original and inventive street theatre troupes, artists, giant puppetry, dancers and marching bands from Ireland and across the globe. Thousands are anticipated to be cheering on the city streets of Parnell Square and continuing throughout the city of Dublin. If you’ve got your heart set on Dublin, you’re in for an unforgettable party!

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    This is great! Thanks for the post! I would definitely check these places out during our Chicago dating spree. LOL

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