The Real ‘Heart of New York’: Part V, Queens

We end our journey in Queens– known to be the ultimate New York (and American) melting pot where more languages are spoken than anywhere else in the world. An unforgettable place, tourists can simply “visit” more than a dozen countries such as Peru with Pio Pio’s mouth-watering Matador combo and a delicious Sangria (or two) to the Cheddar Bratwurst and a pint of Spaten Lager from Studio Square. Enjoy the spices, flavors and brilliant colors of Latin food? Love shrimp fried rice? What about shrimp fried rice and a side of maduros (fried sweet plantains)? Jardin de China is the place for you. Located on 37th street and Junction Blvd in Corona, this “Chino-Latino” fusion offers an array of items. From pork chops to pork fried rice and even desserts such as flan – anything goes.

While you’re in Corona, grab an Italian ice from The Lemon Ice King of Corona. As seen on the show “King of Queens”, the Corona King is no less than royalty to Queens natives. Honor your taste buds with whatever flavor your heart desires – lemon, mango, sour apple, vanilla chocolate chip. The “King” has it all.

If your sweet tooth is craving a nice hot fudge sundae topped with homemade whipped cream and toppings upon toppings – Eddie’s Sweet Shop is the place to go. 

Walking into this old-fashioned “Mom & Pop” ice cream parlor you’d hope to find Fonzie sitting in the corner booth and Richie Cunningham serving your sundae. Rum raisin, banana, butter pecan, walnut and the usual chocolate, vanilla and strawberry are just a few to name available at Eddie’s. Lavish your scoops with freshly made whipped cream, gooey syrups of all flavors and of course – the cherry on top. Soda floats, milkshakes, egg creams and real flavored colas (among other items) are found here at this treat of a spot located on 105th street and Metropolitan Ave. in Forest Hills.

Take the 7 train to 74th Street-Broadway to “Little India” for a taste of The Jackson Diner. When exiting the 7 train station, one this is for sure – jewelry stores are not scarce in “Little India”. Beautiful necklaces, armlets, rings and other 22k pieces are brilliantly displayed in the windows. In between you’ll find shops selling saris, Bollywood DVDs, and South Asian imports. Sweet shops and restaurants offering Tandoori chicken, vegetarian curries, and kebabs are all found in Little India – the Jackson Diner being one of them. Located on 74th St. and 37th Ave., the Jackson Diner has been a favorite to Little India. Serving delicious crispy fried potato and pea filled Samosas, tender Tandoori chicken marinated in yogurt mild spices cooked in a clay oven and beverages such as Masala tea and Taj Mahal Indian beer, you will not be disappointed for the taste and cost of these items. Lunch buffet is served daily 11:30 a.m.—4 p.m. for $9.95. The portions are large and beware the entrees are hot so be sure to request mild. Enjoy!

Don’t mind the extra calories? Behold Cherry Valley and Cristina’s. This deli has items that will feed the sinful gluttony of your soul. Located in Whitestone and conveniently located across from one another, both of these deli’s have plenty of choices that most call “heart attacks waiting to happen” just begging to feed your beastly hunger.

Frequent visitors of Cristina’s order the “Heart Attack”. Breaded chicken, spicy fries, battered onion rings, and bacon topped off with Cristina’s “special sauce” all on your choice of a roll or hero. Want something a little healthier? The Healthy Bird would be the sandwich for you. Grilled chicken, with melted Swiss lettuce, tomato, roasted peppers, oil and vinegar or balsamic vinegar on a hero (or roll if you prefer).

Across the way is Cherry Valley. A personal favorite from Cherry Valley would be the “Corona” sandwich. Chicken cutlet with bacon, cheddar, onion rings doused with BBQ sauce on a toasted garlic hero. Just reading the sandwich makes you loosen your belt by a notch, huh?

You simply cannot leave the Big Apple without having a slice of New York pizza. Alfie’s Pizza is one of the few greatest pizzerias standing that guarantees the best slices in town. Grab a hot cheesy slice for $1.75 with a side of fresh garlic knots topped with minced garlic pieces, oil and oregano for just $1 more. Alfie’s also serves Italian favorites such as Chicken Parmigiana for only $6.50 and Linguini With Red Or White Clam Sauce for only $7. There is no other place that can beat the price, flavor and hospitality. Located at 8608 117th Street in Richmond Hill, grab, fold and enjoy a slice of the Big Apple the New York way.

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