Where’s the Gas?

Gas Stations in and around Dublin

Gas Stations in and around Dublin, Ireland

If you drive down any major street, freeway or highway in the United States, you will see gas stations on almost every corner and sometimes they’re even facing each other.  You know when that little light comes on letting you know it’s time for gas, there’s going to be a gas station within the next mile, no matter where you are.

Now, I said all of this to say, “Where are the gas stations in Ireland?” I just returned from a weeks’ vacation in Dublin, Ireland and even though I relied on public transportation to get around, I did not see any gas stations.  There were plenty of cars and buses on the roads but they seem to know something that we as Americans do not.

Between filling up our gas guzzlers and the maintenance upkeep, we are spending a lot of money on our “prize winning”, “all powerful”, “lots of horsepower” vehicles.  Daimler has the right idea with the new SMART vehicles, which is about the size of the cars driven in other countries.  I wonder if the people driving the large SUV’s (Suburban, Escalade, Tahoe, etc.) would be willing to trade in the powerful trucks for a more fuel efficient one?  We complain when the gas hits $4, $5, and higher a gallon, but we can’t seem to let those gas guzzlers go, even though we know gas is going to continue to fluctuate as long as we’re in a recession.  Maybe we need to consult the Irish.

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